Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Progress....Guiltless Ghost

We read the play through last was intense and exciting. Nick shot a promo video with the actors which I know is going to be great and we took some excellent photographs. Fleur looks amazing in the costumes! Just over two weeks till we start rehearsals. Tickets are selling fast and the yurt is being built. I feel lucky to be surrounded by such a talented and dedicated team. Joe - who plays George - is in Lanzarote - and emailing me Tudor questions while he does his research.
I finished "The Guiltless Ghost" today - it's going to be a very hard hitting modern version of Anne Boleyn's story, performed on two nights during the run of "Fallen in Love" by our amazing Community Theatre Company....if you get a chance to see it do, there are a few tickets left and it will be amazing! Very exciting times.

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  1. Hi Joanna! I am a theatre major in Nashville, TN, so unfortunately I can't see the show in England when it premiers. I was wondering, though, how many characters are in your play and when will the rights be sold? I'm only a freshman right now, but when I'm a senior and have to put on a show of my own I would love to do an Anne Boleyn play.